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Saturday, April 20, 2013 – Happy Birthday, your Majesty


April 21st marks the real birthday of our monarch, and this year is the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation.  Happy Birthday, too to all our other Aries babes-and to celebrate we have re-launched our regal mauve crinkle coat, which combines with matching knee length dress--or as on our cover page with georgette cami and palazzo trousers. A special colour, this outfit is not a blue or a purple but is the colour of irises, tall and regal and only available briefly each spring.  The entire outfit is perfect for the bafta awards, to be held this month-did you know the Queen has just received an Honorary BAFTA, and is probably the most filmed woman in the world.  If you are invited or have a special birthday, why not treat yourself to this special outfit-equally suitable for a mother of the bride, so synonymous with c h e s c a .  Ring the changes and wear the cami and pants with our stone jersey jacket with exclusive mauve and coral print.  Complete this summer's capsule wardrobe with the stone jersey maxi dress, with matching print and embroidered diamond, combining mauve, coral and stone in our  c h e s c a  shop in  Christophers Place, St. Albans where all 6 pieces are displayed together or in our store in Tunsgate Square , Guildford, right in the front of the shop.

Zip up in style with our ivory linen tailored jacket-elegant when worn as a monochrome outfit, or perhaps you will get upgraded to first class effortlessly when you combine with matching ivory linen trousers.  This jacket is not only chic, but also has stitched down seams which slim and flatter-curvy girls take note, and available in sizes 12-24!   Linen is so cool, perfect for interviews, weddings and this year's holidays. This week we launch a brand new linen dress which combines natural tones-and there's a brand new jersey short sleeve cardi to match.  Arriving in our own stores this week and online.  A preview of summer in the city to coincide with the warmer weather, and my perfect choice for a summer dress, with shiny wedge sandles--and try a straw bag-in sizzling orange!


Sunday, April 07, 2013 – Passion for Perfection


c h e s c a  is a brand where the girls are devoted to ensuring that you look your very best.  We update our fit regularly, not content with previous size charts, we fit every item, constantly tweaking the darts, the width of the bicep, the length of the shoulders and the cross back.  Other brands use a set of measurements for their fittings: we make some items smaller depending on the stretch of the material, or bigger if it constricts movement.  We even fit our repeat items, sometimes shortening them depending on our customers comments made in store to our passionate staff, or to our customer service personnel.  Did you know that I read every comment on the returns slips, I take on board every comment from our customers, whether it’s on the phone, email or in store, I keep their comments in mind throughout the design process.

You are the people who shape chesca, our loyal customers.  Whether you are the mother of the bride or groom, going to the races, going on holiday, attending a business meeting, having lunch with the girls, it is my mission to ensure  you will look sensational in  c h e s c a

Have you seen our new ivory and black striped cloque cardigan.  It is a very special buy, warm without weight, an ideal jacket for the office with a little black dress or skirt, or undo the little waist zips and roll back the collar and wear it with jearns or summer separates.  And, washable and packable.  It is my choice for the month, as it progresses from the flurries of snow to the sunshine lurking round the corner.

Hope to see you soon-I met Carole yesterday in St Albans who bought her second hooded raincoat, and a visitor from Memphis, U.S.A who has a wedding there in June and bought our stunning champagne dress in Oxford Street, together with a special order from c h e s c a direct for the matching jacket.  We only have 2 left, and luckily, we have her size in our London office.

What else is new this week?  Zip up in style with our natural linen jacket, designed to be that perfect coverup for a pretty dress, part of a smart trouser suit, with its matching trousers, or as a mainstay of your summer wardrobe.  And the linen trousers, fab with our blue and ivory twinset in organic cotton, and ready for the holiday tops in coral and blue we will introduce next month.  More soon


Saturday, March 30, 2013 – Westfield Stratford, not Australia



I went to Westfield in Stratford yesterday, my first visit since the Paralympics (which was absolutely great, and probably the last decent day's weather I remember in London), where I see that chesca has moved in John Lewis to make way for the holiday shop.  Wishing I could wear some of those Summer items now-but it’s the looking forward to events that I love.....

One of my favourite pastimes in store is re-arranging the stock to make it look as beautiful and tempting as possible.  I find it artistic, and is one of the most satisfying jobs, because we create the range from design drawings and fabric shows -and it is absolutely amazing to see it come to life on the shop floor, particularly with a bit of input from our discerning customers.  The other pleasure I have is to meet new people and to help them find an outfit for a special occasion.  Yesterday, I met June, whose son is getting married in September, who is going to come back for a bright pink outfit we will have in July, and Edna, who bought our lovely black and grey spot dress and jacket for a lunch, together with her first pair of leggings, our stunning "lose 10lbs" style, -and a pair of zip trousers and an asymmetrical zip jersey identical to the one I was wearing from chesca at  A bride--who did not want to wear white, -she tried on a white lace dress and a silver grey lace, but decided on RED...

Why am I writing about Westfield, John Lewis Partnership and my visit?  Well, I hope you will go to Westfield and see the stunning violet and stone display I have at the back of the "mat" next to the till, with a little help from willing assistant, Nathalie -but also, I believe that talking to the staff and the customers, learning about their needs, their doubts, their lives gives me the inspiration to make chesca unique. Every weekend, I visit a chesca shop or mat within a store, to chat and learn -I may have met you in Oxford Street, St Albans, Brent Cross or Westfield in the last fortnight  May I thank you now for your advice-not just when you buy chesca, but when you don't! Now we have added size 12, I believe the range is suitable for most ladies, I stress the word, deriving from the T.V. programme with Rachel Johnson, because, above all we try to make the range  feminine and desirable--and is a reflection of the interaction between us, the customer and the design team. If you would like to meet with me, let me know and I will try--I am going to John Lewis Sheffield on 24th  April.

First linens (jackets and trousers) now delivered, although, not sure if we should put them on display? Maybe the answer should be yes, as a promise of summer and because the clocks are going forward this weekend...........

Happy holiday break....................roll on sunshine!


Saturday, March 09, 2013 – Easter bonnets for that Easter parade

Early Easter this year-and what could be better than some stunning millinerySand feather fascinators to look stunning with our fitted tiered lace dress, or jersey maxi dress.  Navy and ivory hatinators designed to stun the crowds, combined with navy lace or navy butterfly dress, are already in limited supply (but we are expecting more this week).  Our black and ivory illustrates the most delightful titfer, which is both subtle and sophisticated and do look out for our Audrey Hepburn tiny pillbox, which combines black with ivory and a beaded embellishment with an awesome feather!  So many monochrome hats to choose from, there’s even a wide brimmed cover story with black lace trim and a stunning bow on an ivory base.

Casual weekend away-look out for our new tailored navy pants with vertical zip pockets, arriving this week-try with our navy jacquard button through jersey, and our super quilt trench--on offer this week at £150, instead of £195.  April showers? March winds? Add this coat to your travel capsule collection.  The trench has been in fashion for a century--we have added a new colour and quilting for a new twist.

Oh, by the way, for those who have pre-ordered our lovely haze lace beaded dress--we have lift-off.  They are at the airport, and web purchases get priority!

More for Easter next weekend


Monday, February 25, 2013 – mother's day?...or brides' day?? A SPECIAL DAY

Mother's day is on the horizon--and this reminds me of mother of the bride or groom--no wedding is complete without them!

What are mothers wearing this year for these special occasions?  Crinkle pleating two pieces are hot, hot, hot in violet, multi colour prints and black and white. Lace is equally popular, short in silver grey or stone-with feminine hatinators combine with stunning stilettos, or calf-length in navy, silver and vintage lavender (we call haze).

Lovely leather--our latest shoes from Spain, made of the softest Italian leather-what a present for a Mother.  A customer in Cambridge bought four pairs last week!

Buy her tickets for Ascot, pop it into a hat box, with one of our new hats-what a wow present!

A beaded shawl , a de-luxe jersey or a silky blouse-chesca has the perfect present.



Wednesday, February 13, 2013 – Love Story

February 14th---the date in the calendar associated forever with love.  Whether you have only just met, or been together 40 years, this is the time for red roses, heart chocolates, and romance.

chesca has become synonymous with weddings and special occasions, and whether you are renewing your vows as Sara is in the office and who has chosen our lovely beaded georgette dress with floating panels in ivory, or whether the mother of the bride like Chrissie in Chester in cornelli lace or whether you are celebrating like Ella with a special anniversary cruise, who has our new violet crinkle dress and coat, this date is a reminder in the wardrobe of ROMANCE!

Did you know we have bought beautiful hats which co-ord with cappuccino, haze, navy and monochrome outfits? Elegant Italian leather shoes in rose gold or snakeskin up to size 9, or satin shoes with diamante trims? Matching satin clutches, with pleats and ruching? Special underwear designed to trim that figure? Even a linen jacket for the wedding guest or parent to wear with our new shorter shapes this season.


For every girl from a size 12-24 , chesca has the perfect outfit. A soft three piece in soft sensuous georgette, perhaps in violet or if your bust is bigger than your hips, why not try a lace three piece? Butterflies embellish navy chiffon or form a greenhouse print in pretty colours on a neutral background. 

Try in your local store, or buy on line, confident that we have a no questions asked refund policy and zero postage if you spend over £150 (in the u.k only)

I love chesca........................start the first chapter of our love story together on line today


Sunday, February 03, 2013 – Be loved this Valentine's Day


Expecting Valentine's Day chocs? Red roses? An engagement ring?--or has a member of your family received a proposal.

For practical brides, we have a delightful ivory lace camisole, jacket and skirt-all of which can be used afterwards for that once in a lifetime honeymoon, add a pair of ivory georgette trousers and a pair of black georgette trousers to make a capsule holiday wardrobe! Maybe add a jersey or two, and a swimsuit designed to take away 10lbs --practical, but luxurious!  Ivory hatinators , ivory lace shoes, an ivory satin bag complete your outfit for the special day, but equally useful for the future.

Practical mother of the bride or groom, try our violet dress and coat--add violet georgette trousers, camisole and jacket, and join the honeymooners--or book a cruise --you owe it to yourselves to relax after all the stress.

Lace outfits are all the rage this year, and chesca has at least a dozen, -navy, haze, barley, sand, cherry, apricot, silver grey--not just for weddings, but Ascot, holidays, Valentine's evening.  New styles in stock in our special shops--or view on line

Next week, butterflies float amongst the hearts!


Saturday, January 26, 2013 – Singing in the rain!


Snow is on the way out and rain on the way!

chesca has some fabulous raincoats in stock--and we are going to give my readers an extra special offer.  I am curious to see if this is read so I am offering out delightful reversible rainwear in 125cms length in our best selling colours--BRONZE and SAPPHIRE for an amazing price of £225, while we still have stock.  Ideal for February, March, April, and May! Offer only applies to these 2 colours, and ends 7th February.

Have you seen our bonfire coat? Named because the material was first designed on November 5th, this is now synonymous with chesca--i was out in Hong Kong last week (and no, i did not miss the snow), and not only was I wearing one, but I actually introduced myself to someone else wearing one!  Our best seller throughout Autumn and Winter--now looking for a new colour and a maybe a new twist.

Best seller in spring and summer?  Lace dress--this year, we have repeated our favourite lace dress and jacket in steel, and mocha -and added a brand new colour-navy.  Oh -so- smart for the mother of the bride this year, and our first delivery coming in next week .  Please bear in mind, these take 5 months to reorder, so if you like the colour, snap it up.

More later....


Sunday, January 13, 2013 – Wedding boutique

In spite of the fact that the weather is icy, we have been snowed under with questions about 2013 wedding wear.  We have 4 ivory outfits and some cream and champagne due imminently, suitable for brides-AND following peaches Geldof's example, also suitable for bridesmaids, who match the bridal party.

We add two styles of lace shoes, satin bags-and the prettiest ivory hatinators.

Cappuccino, haze, violet, stone and navy are our spring into summer colours for the mothers of the happy couple, with lace and beaded embellishment strongly featured and the most fluid shapes to dance the night away.

Prefer a more tailored look?--just wait and see our layered lace pencil dress with, flattering v neck and sparkling beading-needless to say, there is a lovely seamed waterfall jersey cover up.

Wedding guests in monotone, ivory and navy tailoring, and subtle teals complete our offers for the main event.  Our designers have a fabulous exclusive range for the most discerning guest, all complete with headwear, footwear, and jewellery to match.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012 – Happy New Year


Happy New Year from the chesca team! Thank you to all our customers for making 2012 such a great year to share, in spite of all the doom and gloom.  The Jubilee and the Olympics restored our countries sense of national pride-- Lets keep that sense of joy for living in 2013.  We live in a great country with great opportunities for those who see life in the future tense, let’s accentuate the positive.

For all those weddings, and all those special occasions, we already have more than a touch of spring stock, ready for you to create your outfit.

Looking for a bargain? Look no further, we have reduced some stock by 70% and even added a January promotion!

Look forward to writing to you in January

Best wishes-thank you again