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Monday, July 15, 2013 – Plus Size Clothing

Plus Size Clothing

The problem with most plus size clothing is that is usually mass produced and can be quite uncomfortable as a result, in some cases it won’t fit at all or it won’t accentuate the right places, but at Chesca they pride themselves on producing some of the best plus size clothing in the industry. In fact, some of the high street retailers don’t even produce clothing in sizes over 14 so they are losing out on a large part of the clothing market, since women of all shapes and sizes like to look their best. Plus size women will be pleasantly surprised at the variety of clothing available at Chesca that would suit most occasions, everything from weddings to a day at the races and since plus size clothing is their specialty, they will be always find a suitable outfit that fits with perfection.

Plus size clothing is often neglected or completely ignored by top fashion designers but Chesca specialize in these sizes, with their lowest size starting at 12 and going as high as 24. Their dresses and tops take into account all the important areas that other tailors ignore, such as the waist, hip and bust attributes. Fine details are considered for each outfit they design and the owner Jacquie Green personally checks and approves all of the plus size clothing Chesca has for sale. The only lumps and bumps being shown are the ones people want to show and the clothes will be completely comfortable at the same time. Anything that isn’t a perfect fit can be adjusted and it’s unlikely the plus size clothing available at Chesca won’t find plenty of proponents.

The clothing industry is popular with women of all sizes but it’s unfortunate that many of the mainstream designers don’t provide high standard plus size clothing. Women in the 12+ size range need outfits for every occasion just as much as women in the smaller size range but this is often forgotten by many. At Chesca they have specially tailored plus size clothing for almost every occasion imaginable, such as birthday’s, job interviews, special occasions and even swimwear. That means a plus size women will be able to find all of the latest fashion without having to worry if she can find something that fits too, since Chesca only tailor plus size clothing.

For fashion retailers that do supply both small and larger size clothing there is often little attention given to finer details in the larger size range, mainly due to ignorance of an increasingly popular market, but Chesca know exactly what plus size women are looking for in their clothes because that is their specialty. They can focus all of their time and effort into perfecting each design they make and the best fashion they produce will always feel comfortable and highlight important areas, while hiding others that could sometimes cause embarrassment. Looking one’s best is always possible at Chesca no matter what the occasion and size is never a hindrance for any plus size woman.

Amy x

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Monday, July 01, 2013 – Occasionwear


Plus size women like to look good in the latest fashionable clothing and the occasionwear available at chesca allows them to do so without having to worry about whether or not it will fit, since chesca prides itself on tailoring the highest quality products that also fit with perfection. Of course, anything that isn’t a perfect fit can be adjusted accordingly so that it looks and feels amazing. Unlike mainstream fashion brands that prefer to focus on smaller sizes for occasion wear, chesca does the opposite and only tailors for sizes 12+, going up to 24 and larger in some instances. Having such a variety of top quality clothing lines in one convenient location makes it much easier for plus size women to look their best whatever the occasion may be. Their Coffee Jersey Bolero or Ruched Dress would look at place in any high class restaurant or at the races, the latter of which being the perfect place to show off such glamorous clothing. The Pearl/Lilac Border Print Silk Blouse or Dress would look great in almost any situation, particularly during the summer months while out walking along the beach. The occasionwear available at chesca will be suitable for every event imaginable and since plus size women don’t need to worry about finding the right fit, they can concentrate on picking the most beautiful designs for their special occasions. The owner personally ensures each outfit is designed with larger women in mind so everything will be optimized for comfort and style.

The range of occasionwear at chesca is prolific, so there will  be something for everyone and for every occasion, also many of the outfits can be used for more than one event and would look good in almost every situation. Sometimes special occasions require one to look just a bit more glamorous than normal and it can be quite difficult to find a suitable outfit in the larger size range, which is where chesca makes it a breeze. Promotion at work ? interview? or even  attending that special birthday party could be problematic for some plus size women that can’t find a decent outfits in their size, but chesca is the obvious solution for all, offering some of the best occasionwear and  casual wear on the high street.

The owner of chesca, Jacqui Green is a plus size women herself, at size 20, so she knows exactly what women are looking for when they are selecting new clothing. She knows that only a minority of women have perfect bodies and therefore need their clothing to be tailored to their individual needs to ensure all the right curves are accentuated and none of the wrong curves are noticeable. She has perfected many designs across all of her product ranges over many years, thanks in part to continual customer feedback that she uses to tweak and alter outfits to make them even more comfortable for plus size women. The occasionwear at chesca has been designed and perfected over many years and there will be something for any event available in any size of 12+.

Amy x

Saturday, June 29, 2013 – Congratulations to chesca, leamington spa

wow! forget the Oscars --our two ladies who work at our shop in Regent Street, Leamington Spa are finalists for the customer service award for the whole county of Warwickshire.  There are so many shop in the county and we are honoured to have such amazing staff, who have made us one of 3 shops in the country to be honoured for our customer service.  Not only that we received a phone call on Monday from a gentleman in retail, who told us of the exceptional service he had received in store by Liz, when his wife came in on Monday.  he was offered coffee, and sausage rolls as well as a comfortable seat, and was bowled over by the service.

So, good luck, Leslie and Liz -a special thank you from all your colleagues at chesca H.O. and all the staff at chesca are keeping their fingers crossed when you attend the special dinner on Friday evening, all dressed up in chesca finery!  I would like to add my personal congratulations to all our girls who are all complimented for their willing service and attention to detail.  Nothing is too much for them and they will go to the ends of the earth to get those special earrings, that special pashmina--the fact is they love their jobs.  With passion, and enthusiasm, the days go by so fast-and i believe, our girls really enjoy their work.  if you wish to share with me any special treatment you have received, please do.  Our Sue at Head office received flowers from a delighted customer recently and Denise hasa loyal following.

Thank you, Warwick for recognising Leslie and Liz, and thank you all for your support for chesca--we realise without the zing you put in our footsteps, we would be so oooo bored at home.  Good luck, girls.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 – Plus Size Fashion

Plus Size Fashion

Plus Size Fashion

Plus size fashion is a popular market and one that is often neglected by designers that don’t realize plus size women like to look their best regardless of their size. chesca produce some of the best outfits on the market but they are unique in that they only design plus size fashion lines, from sizes 12-24. Furthermore, they make outfits for every occasion so plus size women will always be able to look their best in any situation, especially weddings and special occasions. The owner of chesca is a plus size woman so she knows better than most what women are looking for in their outfits, with great attention paid to the smallest details, ensuring a perfect fit for every shape and size.

Most plus size fashion retailers produce larger sizes with no consideration given to whether or not it will fit individual women, unlike chesca that prides itself on doing just that. They do this by using previous customers feedback and opinions to help design better outfits each time, getting invaluable advice from plus size women is something rarely done by mainstream plus size fashion designers, which means they mass produce larger sizes that are almost always uncomfortable and unsuitable to women of those sizes. The feedback given by customers at chesca is given careful consideration and the owner, Jacquie Green, reads them all and this allows chesca to continually produce some of the most fashionable and comfortable designs in all of their clothing ranges.

The plus size fashion range available at chesca is diverse and impressive, with something for every occasion imaginable, including swimwear. There are products that would be suitable for job interviews but also would look good in almost any social environment, just as with regular sized clothing. The reason chesca is so popular with plus size women is because they know better than anyone what women are looking for in their outfits and they also know they will look their best in chesca outfits, whereas other retailers rarely provide as much care in their larger size ranges. For any design that isn’t a perfect fit the professional tailors will alter it as needed, giving plus size women complete peace of mind.

Plus size fashion often means having to settle for smaller sizes and forcing oneself to fit into an outfit because it was the only size available, however, at chesca one can take great comfort knowing that all of the products on sale there will fit to perfection. With their Summer plus size fashion range there will be lots to look forward to for many plus size women. The Fuchsia Floral Print Beach Bag and Coral Two Tone Scarf would look good on any beach while on holiday and the beautiful Jacquard Floral Jersey Dress is just another highlight of an impressive Summer collection currently available at chesca. Of course, there is plenty of swimwear on offer that are also designed to make plus size women feel as comfortable as possible regardless of their shape and size.


Sunday, June 23, 2013 – Centre Court Chic!

Centre Court Chic!

Wimbledon is here, together with strawberries, cream and hopefully, sunshine!

No need to be wedding smart for Wimbledon, try a casual jersey tunic in apple green or strawberry pink and pick up a summer bargain at the same time!  Our short sleeved jacquard jersey dress is now only £60, casual yet smart for summer chic wear it later with little wedges for that long awaited Summer holiday!

Just in and selling out in store is our stunning coral lace twinset-stretch lace is so flattering and coral is the colour of sunshine! Try with ivory linen pants or co-ordinate with our cool coral skirt.

Ace it in our white linen dress, reduced to £50 for the Summer, or our lovely little ivory tunic with lace trim at £40!  White turns heads on the centre court, and it will certainly make you look like Maria Sharapova, or the Lion fans downunder.  Our white laser cut crush blouse has been the outstanding best seller this season--buy one fast, while the stock is still available--although our repeat for next spring will be here for August-just in case, you did not get one in time for Wimbledon.

The rain is due to go away.....have fun now that summer is officially here!  I intend to.....


Tuesday, June 18, 2013 – Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride

The mother of the bride should look her best at any wedding and Chesca knows this better than anyone, offering a variety of high quality bridal outfits that both look and feel great. It can sometimes be difficult for plus size women to find clothing that isn’t mass produced and uncomfortable as a result, which is where Chesca excels, providing state of the art professionally designed and tailored outfits that are guaranteed to be a perfect fit for everyone regardless of their shape or size.

On such a big day a mother of the bride might feel a bit self-conscious if she can’t find a suitable dress, especially if she is a plus size women, fortunately Chesca specialize in sizes that start at size 12 and can go up to size 24, so the mother of the bride will have one less thing to worry about for her daughter’s wedding. The owner of Chesca, Jacqui Green, is herself a plus size women and she knows better than most how difficult it can be to find an outfit that looks amazing and fits perfectly in larger sizes. She has used her years of experience and customer feedback to perfect all of her fashion lines so that they all meet her high expectations and standards. Unlike most high street clothing retailers that rarely put much effort into plus size clothing for the mother of the bride, or indeed any plus size women, Chesca are the acknowledged experts in the field.

The mother of the bride might feel obliged to squeeze into a size 10 just so she can wear the dress she likes , even if it means sacrificing comfort in the process. Fortunately, at chesca she can have elegance and comfort and ensure she will be pefectly dressed from dawn until dusk. Mainstream fashion lines often forget about sizes in excess of 12 and 14  and the ones that do design cloths for plus size women often pay little or no attention to how well it fits, usually because they are mass produced and have a “one size fits all” mentality. Chesca realize each mother of the bride will have individual needs when it comes to bridal clothing and one size fits all will rarely be effective at hiding lumps and bumps or producing a perfect fit. If something doesn’t fit exactly as required it can be altered accordingly until it is and the mother of the bride will be able to wear her favourite dress without sacrificing any of the comfort or style.

For any mother of the bride there are always unexpected mishaps up until the wedding day but Chesca aims to help relieve some of that stress by providing fashionable clothing from their Mother of the Bride collection. Unlike other fashion designers they ensure the clothes are designed to fit perfectly and look good at the same time, which is largely due to the fact that Chesca take customer feedback and suggestions seriously and use that knowledge to enhance their clothing for the future, meaning their products are constantly being tweaked and perfected.


Friday, June 07, 2013 – coral, not floral

Summer in the city! Summer in the country! Summer by the seaside!

Coral is the colour of summer and sunshine-choose plain , or spots, or stretch lace in separates ,ideal for that holiday, or even a summer wedding.

Visit to Wimbledon? A coral top with ivory linen trousers.

Visit to Ascot? Try a spot blouse and skirt in taupe with coral spots, with our sand hatinator.

Visit to Henley? Coral skirt with ivory camisole and matching waterfall shrug.

Visit to the country? Coral stripy cardi with little bow pocket will cope with cool breezes.

Visit to the office when the temperatures start to swelter? 2 piece in plain coral silky crepon, -hot but cool and elegant.

Chesca is an elegant choice for curvy, and not so curvy girls in sizes 12-24

chesca ticks all the boxes for every ocassion-go coral, go chesca!

Look forward to seeing you soon in your local chesca


Monday, June 03, 2013 – Fit For a Queen

Today is the 60th anniversary of the Coronation! The most glamorous occasion of the last century.  Now I can't say the Queen wears chesca, but I can say that chesca is a brand that makes enviable outfits for the most special occasions.  Whether a wedding, a christening, race day and why not for a Coronation.  Above all the fabrics must be fluid and the fit must be flattering.  Attention to detail, to adding that extra metre of fabric, jackets to cover the arms, original beading and embellishments-- I try on every item, check every dart, approve the linings, check the necklines are not too low or too high, and read every email from you.  I never forget that you, the customer, has an enormous choice in the high street, John Lewis, House of Fraser , Fenwicks, Beales, Elliots and Browns---and of course in Dublin, there are dozens of shops and dozens of labels in Arnotts where we trade. Every week, I visit at least one outlet, and speak to ladies kind enough to visit our mat or shop.  And I learn a lot,--thank you for your help in shaping the range.

Fit is key, fabric is key, guaranteed to flatter!

Sign up to our email and receive a 25% discount on selected dresses- a special offer for this special occasion. Thank you for your confidence in chesca!


Monday, May 27, 2013 – Summer time and the Queen is having her annual Garden Parties


So excited! Victoria Pendleton, Olympic cyclist extraordinaire and recently on ‘Strictly’ just bought not one, but two chesca hats for tea in the Gardens of Buckingham Palace.  Our hatinators, for that is what they are, are a more substantial version of last year's fascinator--we are told the Queen does not favour the little bows on slide or Alice band for wearing at Ascot, but these items have more in common with hats, as our front page bears out.

Chesca was borne out of a desire for curvy girls to have beautiful clothes, with style, rather than gruesome cover-ups, but now we are proud that our slimmer sisters can buy hats, shoes, scarves--and indeed, our signature lace dresses in a size 10!  While remaining true to our origins, I still try on every item to ensure a flattering fit, but also true to my promise, read every email --and I have learnt that all women may need that special outfit, regardless of size --or in fact, age.  Our aim is to add a note of summer -and fun-all the year round.  Life needs a little frivolity, a little lift and whether you spend £30 on a scarf, or £300 on an outfit to meet the Queen, we aim to offer you great service and enviable outfits.  Why, only yesterday, I went out, and an ultra-slim friend of mine admired my cardi-unfortunately not yet photographed, but available in chesca shops, and ordered a pair of my summer wedge shoes (and would you believe, my feet are smaller than hers)

Back to the Queen, used to think our best customers were M.O.Bs and M.O.Gs (mothers of the wedding couple), but now I have learnt that a day at the Races is the favourite reason to visit chesca.  Whether in Ireland or Royal Ascot, in Newbury or Rippon, people are rushing out to buy a special outfit for a special occasion, or at least, a fine hatinator -we have already virtually sold out of two of your favourites (and can not replace until next year).  Not all are lucky enough to be invited to the special Garden Parties, but I am amazed at how many chesca fans go to the races.  Think they just like to dress up-there's a little of Eliza Doolittle in all of us

Will write soon!


Monday, May 13, 2013 – Dawn downunder!


Great news! Dawn French is appearing in Australia’s got Talent! -Wearing our favourite brand-

c h e s c a!

She has chosen our stunning violet crinkle pleat coat, a fuchsia linen print tunic and my absolute favourite, available only in stand alone stores, our stunning side zip jacket with frill, in black, which is a preview for next summer!

Why do so many celebs pick c h e s c a?

Answer- because its stunning.

Lisa Riley, Kate Bush, Barbara Windsor, Jo Brand, Linda Bellingham, Pauline Collins,and even, Mrs Tyndal wore chesca for the marriage of her son to Zara Phillips.  Even some of the Loose Women have sported our head turning separates

Be a celebrity when YOU wear chesca.  The choice is never-ending, with new styles every week. Whether an outfit for occasions, a day at the races, or a celebrity on t.v.-you can't beat it. 

Jacqui (middle name--Dawn)